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Screen : Console multiplexer

Console multiplexer can still live even if you leave it. It can contain several sessions. Creation of a named screen screen -S nameSession Listing existing screen screen -ls To rattach… Read more »

Used memory by closed job

$> sacct -o jobid,reqnodes,reqcpus,reqmem,maxrss,averss,elapsed -j JOBID #reqmem : RAM demandée via sbatch #maxrss : RAM maximale utilisée #averss : RAM moyenne utilisée $> sacct -o jobid,reqnodes,reqcpus,reqmem,maxrss,averss,elapsed -j 94079 JobID ReqNodes… Read more »

Link to home directory

$HOME is an environment variable corresponding to your working directory. The commands “cd $HOME” or “cd ~YourLogin” positions you at the root of your working directory. Application : mv results.csv… Read more »