Cluster connection


Connecting imposes normal workstation conditions on the workstation you are using. Namely: a station with an up-to-date operating system, up-to-date and “legal” software, a local session with a robust login and password as well as a systematic locking or disconnection of your session for any absence, even of short duration.


OpenOnDemand allows the connection to “MatriCS 2.0”:

OpenOnDemand link to connect to the cluster.

Access via ssh

With a terminal under Linux or with Mac OS X Applications->Utilities->Terminal of MacOS X.
Under Windows in a DOS terminal (cmd) provided you have installed the “ssh client” (Addition or remove programs -> Optional features -> OpenSSH client).
The connection is made by the following command:
ssh mylogin@login.matrics.u-

Screencast of connexion

Tip: Ssh connection without having to type his password from  password

The goal is to be able to connect to the MatriCS computing platform without having to type in your password by creating an ssh key that you then add to your account.
Warning: This facility makes it even more imperative the prerequisite mentioned above.

Step 1: Create an ssh key on your machine

  • On your local machine, type the following command:
    ssh-keygen -t rsa
    -> For each question, hit enter. In your .ssh directory, 2 files have been created, namely and id_rsa. For the next step, we will use the file. Notice the ‘.’ in directory directory name .ssh.

Step 2: Adding the key to your MatriCS account

  • Connect via ssh to the MatriCS calculation platform.
  • Go to the .ssh directory (Don’t forget the . dot in front of ssh): cd ~/.ssh li>
  • Edit the file authorized_keys. For example, nano authorized_keys
  • Copy the public key, i.e. the content of the file that was generated locally on your machine (Attention, be sure to take the content of the file with the extension .pub and when copying, be careful not to add any character.)
  • Paste / Add this key in the authorized_keys file (MatriCS side)
  • Save the authorized_keys file (For example , doing Ctrl+O with nano)

Step 3: Verification of the addition

  • Disconnect from MatriCS via exit.
  • Remake an ssh connection (ssh If everything works fine, you should log in without having to enter your password.