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digest command

Description `The digest command is an internal MatriCS command accessible only from the login nodes and allows you to display information. This command is under development. New features will be… Read more »

ComputeSpace / Scratch

The /scratch disk space is dedicated to performance, to compute and without quota. It is not saved.In your home directory, a ComputeSpace link has been created to your dedicated scratch… Read more »

Screen : Console multiplexer

Console multiplexer can still live even if you leave it. It can contain several sessions. Creation of a named screen screen -S nameSession Listing existing screen screen -ls To rattach… Read more »

Used memory by closed job

$> sacct -o jobid,reqnodes,reqcpus,reqmem,maxrss,averss,elapsed -j JOBID #reqmem : RAM demandée via sbatch #maxrss : RAM maximale utilisée #averss : RAM moyenne utilisée $> sacct -o jobid,reqnodes,reqcpus,reqmem,maxrss,averss,elapsed -j 94079 JobID ReqNodes… Read more »

Link to home directory

$HOME is an environment variable corresponding to your working directory. The commands “cd $HOME” or “cd ~YourLogin” positions you at the root of your working directory. Application : mv results.csv… Read more »