Several tasks in a same job

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You wish to launch several commands in a same time in a job.

  • For running all commands in parallel without waiting the end of the precedent command, add a & at the end of the command.
  • However, as soon as a job is launched, the job ends without having the time to run the commands.
  • For solving this problem, add the wait command at the end of your script (of course, don’t add the & at the end of this command)
  • Add #SBATCH –ntasks-per-node=N so that commands/tasks do not run on a same core of the node.
  • Example of a script
#SBATCH --job-name=job
#SBATCH –ntasks-per-node=N # A number between 1 and the number of cores of the node. N should be equals to the number of tasks.