Latest news from 2022: Testing of new computing nodes possible !

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Last news of 2022 before the closing period. If you want to test the new nodes


Happy Holidays!

MatriCS platform

More details for the brave ones

  • Few modules are present, for the moment.
  • The new module system provides the command “module spider” start with this one it is verbose.

Example :

$ module load openmpi4
Lmod has detected the following error: These module(s) or extension(s) exist but cannot be loaded as requested:
   Try: "module spider openmpi4" to see how to load the module(s).

$ module spider openmpi4
  openmpi4: openmpi4/4.1.1
      A powerful implementation of MPI/SHMEM
    You will need to load all module(s) on any one of the lines below before the "openmpi4/4.1.1" module is available to load.
      This module loads the openmpi4 library built with the gnu9 toolchain.
      Version 4.1.1

$ module load compiler/gnu9/9.4.0 openmpi4/4.1.1
$ module list

Currently Loaded Modules:
  1) compiler/gnu9/9.4.0  2) hwloc/2.7.0  3) ucx/1.11.2  4) libfabric/1.13.0  5) openmpi4/4.1.1

$ module avail 
   impi/2021.6.0    mvapich2/2.3.6    openmpi4/4.1.1 (L)

   autotools                hwloc/2.7.0 (L)    julia/1.8.3      (D)    prun/2.2
   cmake/3.24.2             intel              libfabric/1.13.0 (L)    python/3.11.0
   fpga/Vitis/2022.2        julia/1.6.3        os                      singularity/3.7.1
   gnu9/9.4.0        (L)    julia/1.7.2        pmix/4.2.1              ucx/1.11.2        (L)

   D:  Default Module
   L:  Module is loaded

If the avail list is too long consider trying:

"module --default avail" or "ml -d av" to just list the default modules.
"module overview" or "ml ov" to display the number of modules for each name.

Use "module spider" to find all possible modules and extensions.
Use "module keyword key1 key2 ..." to search for all possible modules matching any of the "keys".

More details on the site.